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Tesitng the ability to post via the iPhone because I am usually inspired in odd places. ;)

Blackouts are bad.

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grey_goose.gifOr at the very least self destructive. Saturday was spent standing out in the cold wind watching Princess Drama Queen play soccer. I dressed for the weather, she just wanted to wear shorts and her soccer jersey, so you can imagine how it was trying to get out of the house. She played so-so, mainly because I think she is done with soccer (again). Like last year she was all excited to start soccer, but during the very first practice she says “I hate soccer.”

So after soccer I fetched my sons from their mom’s house for a fun filled evening of wii and dinner out at Outback. Wii was played much as dinner time approached. That was when I discovered that the the cymbals fot the GH4 drum set had the wires ripped out of the sockets! WTF!?!!? Needless to say I am a bit pissed. I can probably fix it, but I’d really like to know how it happened (So I can beat the offending party prevent it from happening again)

We went over to Outback, and at 5:00 there was a 45 minute wait, so we went over to another steak/rib place. The beers were really good and went down smoother than my high school girlfriend after not seeing each other for a few days. I had three, Heather drove home.

That was when the real trouble started, I built a fire in the back yard and started making 24 oz Grey Goose and cranberry juice, which also went down easy. I recall making two of them, but the next morning I noticed that the bottle was empty, where it had been 2/3 full. Which explains why my sons were laughing at me the next morning, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I have vague recollections of some of what they were telling me, but absolutely no recall of others. So either they are giving me shit, or my brain was saturated.

Sunday morning I was happy to recall that I would not have to teach Sunday School, because really, that would have been horrible. I felt like shit all day, and even sneaked in a short nap, but that really didn’t help. I’m pretty sure that contributed to why I was awake last night between 2 and 5. Which brings me to today, Monday, so far it is not going well at all. Maybe I need more booze? :)

Radio Silence

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This radio silence was brought to you compliments of the holidays and my overwhelming laziness. I do hope that your solstice and new year celebrations were most excellent, and I wish for us all that 2009 bring peace and prosperity.

My vacation had ups (sleeping in most every day) and downs (watching my lovely wife slip and fall in a puddle of vomit at 2am), but mostly it was positive. The wii was a big hit this year, I bought Wii Fit for my wife (and the rest of us too) it is really fun AND you get some real exercise from it, although having it call you obese every day is a bit much. My “wii fit age” (something it calculates as your approximate health age) has bounced about from 58, to 32, to 42, so I’m not really sure what to make from that. Also for the wii I got Guitar Hero World Tour (With the drums and Microphone) from my MIL, I will need to practice! Each of the girls got wii games too, so in the cold of winter we will have lots to do.

Now that the holidays are over and we are back to work, we are on a lifestyle reduction plan. We are trying to reduce our debt, our clutter, and our weight. Last night Heather went through our closet and removed all the crap from the floor, and buddy there was a LOT of crap. We sorted through all of it and all the tee shirts and have a huge pile for the Good Will, and bonus we have space in the closet AND you can still see the floor. I may build some shelves to complete the project, we’ll see.

On the debt and weight reduction side, we are not going to be eating out as much, and we will be continuing our regular visits to the gym. More to the point *I* will be continuing my regular visits to the gym, Heather already exercises regularly. She asked me to do the “Couch to 5K” so that I can start running. I hate running, but I love my wife more, so I will be starting that some time. I will also go back to watching more of what I eat. Part of my eating problem stems from my mood, when I am down I don’t care what I eat and will eat to feel better. I was also chatting with my little sis not too long ago and we concluded that we three sibs have the same pathology when it comes to food (and shopping for clothes apparently). When we eat, we tend to order a lot because we don’t want to miss out on anything. I’m not sure why that is, but growing up we were poor and didn’t eat out save for a rare occasion. As for shopping we all seem to find something we like then buy it in different colors. It was not until this chat that we discovered that we three exhibit these same behaviors. Spooky huh?!?

I had lots of moments over the past week where I thought “Ooo this could be funny to blog about.” but by laziness got the better of me.

Here is to a fantastic 2009!

Clean up and something new

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I have had this post in my drafts for a while (since I visited my sisters last year) …

(The one where I prove that I am the greatest dad ever!)

Booba (4 yrs old)- I have to go potty.

Me (40 yrs. old)- Ok, go.

Booba- {Screaming as if an alligator was eating her foot}

I go rushing in to see pant-less girl standing and shrieking at the toilet.

Me- What’s the matter?

Booba- {sobbing} My ring. [pointing to the toilet]

Me- {sigh}

I dip my hand into the cold pee ladened water and fetch the little 10 cent ring that my sister bought her at a craft fair earlier that day.

Booba- {sobbing still} Can you dry it off?

Me- I’ll do better than that, I’ll wash it first, THEN dry it.

Booba- {serious expression} Yeah that’s better.

Something new:

Can you believe that we as kids survived when this was our candy?

HMS Friday minus

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Minus the HMS.

I’m just not feelin’ it today.

I will say this though,

WTF Game Show Network. They have produced a bunch of new broadcasts of old game shows with new hosts.
Catch Alfonso Ribeiro on the all new CATCH 21.


The Pyramid powered by Donnie Osmond

At first I thought it was the place where “B” list actors go to keep up payments up all that shit they accumulated during their more popular days.

Then I saw that they have produced new programming, Lingo (If it is also an old show and I have just never seen it before I apologize) starring one of the veteran hosts Chuck, and a hot chick! (I’m flashing back to the dating game!)

From what I have seen of it so far (and really I don’t want to see anymore) was the young teeny-boppers or actor wanna-bees showing a lot of teeth and tight clothes guessing at 5 letter words. I wanted to shoot myself in the eye.

Yesterday my lovely wife went to a chocolate class with some friends from church and came home with some wonderful confections for everyone. As she was leaving I called to her and her party recalling three words heard on the Food Network just the night before, I yelled, “Chocolate. Covered. Bacon.”

I’m sure it was discussed during the festivities.

She didn’t come home with chocolate covered bacon, maybe next time. Her excursion forced me to answer the age old question, “How do you eat a chocolate covered jalapeƱos pepper?”


Why right out of the box I say!

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