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Greetings from the beach.

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Vacation, Day 1: Holy shit! I got to sleep till 12:30!! Then I realized that the clock on the VCR is wrong and it was really some time after eight in the morning. I’ll take it though. We drove down to NC (Kill Devil Hills) yesterday after the swim meet. It was not as horrible as I’d have originally thought, but it was a long drive.

I’m really glad the my BIL had the foresight to have beer in the fridge so when we got there it was ready. The house is nice and has a pool in the back plus a hot tub. I plan to make this a totally relaxing trip. I hope that you had a good weekend and come Monday don’t hate me for lounging while you are hard at work.

Caption this

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Okay folks, who wants to put a caption to this image? Dont be shy. I may even give out a prize, but don’t hold your breath.

There is no restriction on what you can say. Go for it!

Weekend in review

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I said I had a busy weekend, but it actually started on Thursday when I went to my friend’s hockey game to take pictures. The game started at 9:45pm. It was an interesting experience to be one of only 2 or 3 spectators and watching a co-ed adult hockey league game. The banter was free flowing and jovial, and the whole experience light and fun. The bummer part was that all the glass around the rink, save for the doors at center ice, were fogged up. I managed to get some good shots, and I will treasure this one:
This will be my friend as she is sliding into the goal. I have a whole series that when scrolling back and forth it looks like video of her falling and getting up, it is really quite fun. :)

Friday was the swim team pep rally. My lovely wife was in full blown sinus infection pain and in no mood to go. I took the wee tots to the gym then to the rally. They complained that they didn’t have their suits and I told them that since tomorrow (Sat.) was the swim meet that no one would be swimming. To which they replied “You had better be right or you’re in big trouble mister.”

I am in big trouble. The dinner that they served was build your own sandwiches, of which the 6YO Booba ate a single slice of tomato, while 8YO Princess Drama Queen made a respectable sandwich and had chips. The rally was fun, but I am pretty sure this chick was the GF of one of the coaches. She was seen several times wiping the whipped cream off him then throating her finger! (I’ll leave you with that image Jay)
Saturday again started at 6:45. We got to the pool for the swim meet, and it was raining. Fortunately for my lovely wife she was still not feeling well so she stayed home. I had to stay the whole time and work the concession stand from 10-11. It poured on and off all morning. On the plus side, by the time me and my cohort Tammy had to work the stand it was mostly sold out! After the meet I bought the girls lunch and we went home for a while. I had a 2:00 appointment with the car dealer.
We got a “too good to pass up” offer from my local dealer and since I really wanted an Accord when I bought my Civic I was instructed that if I could get an Accord for the same payment as the Civic, then go for it. Heather was still not feeling well and I went alone to the dealer. The short of it is I managed to get an Accord for $40. a month more. Woo Hoo! I also didn’t make it home until 8:30 pm, which made my sick wife very grumpy. Sorry again hon.
Sunday morning started at 6:00 am so my son and I could go and shoot the “Tri-To_win” triathlon. We arrived later than we wanted, had to park a half mile away and missed the start of the race. Oh and it was raining. And the wind was blowing. It eventually cleared up over the course of the day, and we were done at noon.
After we got home we went out for a Father’s Day lunch at a local Mexican place we like. It was very nice, and I am thankful that even though Heather was still not feeling well she came with us and made it very special. Thanks again Hon:)

Today I am tired.


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First I have to say congratulations to Esmerelda for completing the Columbia Triathlon this past Sunday, you totally rock toots!!!


The words for this week are:

K and Metal

If you haven’t joined the fun, go see Tink here for details.

Recommended:For larger size presentation click here.

Bonus photo “Crash”


Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday)

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For all of you mothers who I failed to acknowledge yesterday, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I honored my wife by grilling burgers, putting away laundry, making the bed and with a card. I also took her, my other favorite mother (Esmerelda) and her mom out to dinner. It was a very nice day. The kids sang in church, and our girls promised to help in a number of areas so that mommy could have a nice relaxing day.

Saturday I spent the morning with my younger son at his Young Marine encampment at a local National Guard post. While I was there they did the leadership training course (a set of 8 obstacles to overcome with limited resources). It was pretty cool to watch the young men and women overcome and accomplish these tasks.
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