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What a F’ed up week.

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Last week I spent working at our backup control center (a 72 hour “make sure it still works” test). Since it is our backup facility we share it with another project. (our main control center is their backup so we got that goin for us) On the down side, there is only two computers that are hooked up to the outside world, for all of us to share, to check e-mail, unless we tackle someone in their own cube and commandeer their computer. (which I am happy to say didn’t happen)

Knowing all this ahead of time me and another fella brought in our personal laptops. (which it is a no-no to run a blue wire from an empty ethernet wall plug to your personal machine, even though it works, and your machine is free from viruses, and the alternatives will make me want to kill people). This was the alternative:

I used my cell phone via its bluetooth connection to my laptop as a modem (for free I might add). Score one for ingenuity, alas it is only a 2400 baud modem. (that’s what you get for free) It was PAINFULLY slow.

There were perks to being away from my regular office for what turned into four days. We had this wonderful crepe cake. It was filled with a lemon-y cheesecake-y kind of filling. It was so good.

Eating like that one would have to wonder just how I pulled this off:

Work was not the only odd bit for the week. I set up a workout area in the basement. (I had to because after several starts to get to the gym, forgetting my iPod, my ID, my heart rate monitor, I made it to the gym only to realize I had on these shoes.)

Friday I took Princess Drama Queen to her ice skating lesson, on the way out of the parking lot which is shared with a grocery store, I watched as a cart, propelled by the wind was crossing in the cross walk in front of me. It apparently hit a rock or something and it turned 90 degrees and then hit me right on the license plate. The group of young men in the car behind me and I shared a moment as I exited my car to remove the cart I looked at them and we all made the touchdown gesture.

Speaking of touchdowns, I was hoping for a good game, because I really didn’t care who won. I thought it nice if the Cards pulled off their first one ever, and setting a comeback record (and some other record too). In the end I got what I wanted, a good game.

The weather was also pretty messed up. The girls were off school for 2 days. I’m surprised my lovely wife is still speaking. Although we had some ice , it was kinda pretty.

Nothing to report

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The past week and weekend were pretty much the same old thing.

On the plus side I have lost a couple pounds and my “Wii Fit Age” has varied from 56 to currently 36 with stopovers at 42. Depending on how well I can stand still the age has ping ponged through that range a couple of times.

Today we are going to the gym, I could use a good hard rockin’ ear splitting set the thing to level 11, frustration reduction ass kickin’.

Netflix rules. Heather and I watched 5 episodes of Heros from the soft and fluffy comfort of our bed over the course of the weekend. I’m glad to be watching it this way and not filled up with commercials for acne cream and Axe body spray. We have made it through 13 of season one’s 23 episodes.

Since we are watching Heros together, I have also started watching the new Dr. Who. I have gone through all of season one and am half way through season 2. (I even got the bonus disc for season 1 to see all the special features and stuff). I even used one of those “behind the scenes, how we did that” clips to help shoe Princess Drama Queen how they make scary stuff on TV look real. She has been having some difficulty lately going to sleep, when she gets over tired her imagination runs away with her. Often she is afraid of stuff she has seen on TV, and I have explained to her many times how computers can make things seem real that aren’t (like I do with pictures sometimes).

My son has left his cell at my house for over a week now and hasn’t asked me to bring it to him. Unusual.

Tomorrow is the Weekly Words challenge, I have made a preliminary sort, and narrowed it to 50 or so pictures. I’d hope to get it closer to 15 when I am done.

Until then …

HMS Friday +

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I know that I bitch often about being busy, but this last week was especially so. The weekend I covered two posts ago.

Tuesday was spent with work and fiddling about with my class which was opened online Monday so us early birds can get a jump start.

Wednesday was work, soccer practice, dinner to celebrate Booba’s 5th, church to sign the paychecks for the custodians, then home to complete the budget for the board that runs our church building.

Thursday (today as I am writing this early) I went to the dump at 8 then to our backup control center to run a test. My banana survived the trip from the coffee place though!
After the test then it is off to my office where I had to give a presentation, then home to finish cleaning up the garage. It was too dark to get a good picture, but I managed to have both cars in it tonight!! Woo Hoo!!

Friday I start at my office then off to the backup control center for another test. Now here is my day can go either way, after the test I can 1. go back to my regular office (which is further away from home) and finish up my day, or 2. Have an extended lunch and leave from the backup CC. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure I can find enough stuff to do to keep my busy …

All that brings me to the Hot Monkey Sex Friday topic …

Finishing the garage, or having an extra long lunch and leaving work closer to home on a Friday are certainly nice things. I have heard people say in similar situations that it “is better than sex.” I have been known to say that phrase but only in a sarcastic manner. From any point of view is there really anything more personally gratifying than sex? Happy HMS Friday.

Weekend Wrap-up

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Friday night I was paged into work, and had to go in and fix two problems. Fortunately they were fairly straight forward, and one didn’t require any action on my part except to call the offending station and ask WTF, but I didn’t get home until midnight. So much for a nice quiet evening with my lovely wife gratifying each other sexually multiple times. (Ok that was how *I* envisioned it anyway ;)

Saturday was filled with soccer games for the girls and my son was taking pictures with my backup camera. He did a good job, filled up the emory card though. Booba scored another goal, I have pictures of it, but they are at home. (I’ll update this post later with pictures). Princess Drama Queen’s game went a little differently. They didn’t score once. It was a good game, and they really tried, but they were just out classed. Our girls need to learn more “teamwork”, and their coach is doing a good job of trying to teach that to them. I applaud his techniques.

Late Saturday my eldest son took us out to dinner. He wanted to pay because he forgot my and H’s birthdays last month. We had a pleasant dinner at Red Robin (♬ yummm). Then back to the house for younger son’s birthday cake. (his is next week, so we had cake this week, and he will get presents in two weeks).

Sunday we bailed on church so that Es’s honey DC, H and I could go watch Esmerelda do her “Columbia Triathlon”. This time I managed to get there before Es got in the water and got the “before” pictures. At the bike dismount area we got to see some spectacular crashes. (I refrained in snapping pictures at those). H and PDQ had a CF walk-a-thon that started about an hour after Es was supposed to have finished the whole race, so we were going to be cutting it pretty close. A 22 minute delay for an accident on the bike course messed that all up, but I was able to take H back home and return and not miss a shot. Go me. :) Congrats Es, you totally ROCK!
Afterwards H took a nap and I worked on homework for a bit, then hung out with the kids for a while and played Mario Kart.

After bringing my son back to his mother’s house I went home and wanted to start rebuilding my laptop, but it was being uncooperative , and I became quite fatigued so I went to bed early, good thing because Monday morning came really early.


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This has been such a busy week. The past two days I have been in a meeting and actually felt like I was adding something to the process. Add to that my GOVT-170 class which has reading and answers due Sunday and family and social obligations and I am one tuckered dude. Today is supposed to be a day of rest but I have to;

go to the dump/recycling center (Thanks again delivery chuckle heads.)


This is the line at the dump (Not too bad for a Saturday)


go to PDQ’s school carnival, (looks like someone didn’t get cotton candy)

The girlies had fun.


and each girls’ soccer game.


We all came away with sunburn.

I need a drink.

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