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Weekend in review

Posted on June 24th, 2009 in charity, coolness, drama, family, Life in general, Random thoughts, sanity, weather, wife by g-man || 5 Comments

I said I had a busy weekend, but it actually started on Thursday when I went to my friend’s hockey game to take pictures. The game started at 9:45pm. It was an interesting experience to be one of only 2 or 3 spectators and watching a co-ed adult hockey league game. The banter was free flowing and jovial, and the whole experience light and fun. The bummer part was that all the glass around the rink, save for the doors at center ice, were fogged up. I managed to get some good shots, and I will treasure this one:
This will be my friend as she is sliding into the goal. I have a whole series that when scrolling back and forth it looks like video of her falling and getting up, it is really quite fun. :)

Friday was the swim team pep rally. My lovely wife was in full blown sinus infection pain and in no mood to go. I took the wee tots to the gym then to the rally. They complained that they didn’t have their suits and I told them that since tomorrow (Sat.) was the swim meet that no one would be swimming. To which they replied “You had better be right or you’re in big trouble mister.”

I am in big trouble. The dinner that they served was build your own sandwiches, of which the 6YO Booba ate a single slice of tomato, while 8YO Princess Drama Queen made a respectable sandwich and had chips. The rally was fun, but I am pretty sure this chick was the GF of one of the coaches. She was seen several times wiping the whipped cream off him then throating her finger! (I’ll leave you with that image Jay)
Saturday again started at 6:45. We got to the pool for the swim meet, and it was raining. Fortunately for my lovely wife she was still not feeling well so she stayed home. I had to stay the whole time and work the concession stand from 10-11. It poured on and off all morning. On the plus side, by the time me and my cohort Tammy had to work the stand it was mostly sold out! After the meet I bought the girls lunch and we went home for a while. I had a 2:00 appointment with the car dealer.
We got a “too good to pass up” offer from my local dealer and since I really wanted an Accord when I bought my Civic I was instructed that if I could get an Accord for the same payment as the Civic, then go for it. Heather was still not feeling well and I went alone to the dealer. The short of it is I managed to get an Accord for $40. a month more. Woo Hoo! I also didn’t make it home until 8:30 pm, which made my sick wife very grumpy. Sorry again hon.
Sunday morning started at 6:00 am so my son and I could go and shoot the “Tri-To_win” triathlon. We arrived later than we wanted, had to park a half mile away and missed the start of the race. Oh and it was raining. And the wind was blowing. It eventually cleared up over the course of the day, and we were done at noon.
After we got home we went out for a Father’s Day lunch at a local Mexican place we like. It was very nice, and I am thankful that even though Heather was still not feeling well she came with us and made it very special. Thanks again Hon:)

Today I am tired.

Rain rain …

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Why the hell did you follow me to work?

The pink is my route (after I get coffee). I didn’t get the image thing worked out soon enough to be able to show my entire ride to work, and how the colors traveled as I did, but sufficed to say my car was in the “yellow/red” for my entire commute! Which also made people who are already uptight and stupid even more so. Sheesh! I have had enough rain.

SonyHeadphones.jpgYesterday, at the gym, someone moved my headphones from off the counter where I put then during the weight portion of my workout. When I was done lifting and ready to do the cardio I had no earphones from which to jam heavy metal into my head to keep me motivated. I looked about, asked the attendant, pawed the towel basket (not too deeply though, yuck), went to the lost and found, and finally retrieved my backup set from my car. The backup set makes me look like Princess Leia. (If I think of it I’ll take a picture). I was a little perturbed and dismayed at any of the scenarios by which my headphones were relocated. Fortunately they are $10. Sony headphones, so I got a replacement pair from Target. I was intrigued by some $25 ones, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! And I am going to my other office (closer to home) for the afternoon, which of course precipitates lunch with my lovely wife (if she is not too busy) and or Esmerelda (if she is feeling better) and two of my favorite colleagues from work. Should be a hoot.

What a F’ed up week.

Posted on February 2nd, 2009 in Daily, drama, exercise, food, Random thoughts, weather, weirdness, WTF by g-man || 14 Comments

Last week I spent working at our backup control center (a 72 hour “make sure it still works” test). Since it is our backup facility we share it with another project. (our main control center is their backup so we got that goin for us) On the down side, there is only two computers that are hooked up to the outside world, for all of us to share, to check e-mail, unless we tackle someone in their own cube and commandeer their computer. (which I am happy to say didn’t happen)

Knowing all this ahead of time me and another fella brought in our personal laptops. (which it is a no-no to run a blue wire from an empty ethernet wall plug to your personal machine, even though it works, and your machine is free from viruses, and the alternatives will make me want to kill people). This was the alternative:

I used my cell phone via its bluetooth connection to my laptop as a modem (for free I might add). Score one for ingenuity, alas it is only a 2400 baud modem. (that’s what you get for free) It was PAINFULLY slow.

There were perks to being away from my regular office for what turned into four days. We had this wonderful crepe cake. It was filled with a lemon-y cheesecake-y kind of filling. It was so good.

Eating like that one would have to wonder just how I pulled this off:

Work was not the only odd bit for the week. I set up a workout area in the basement. (I had to because after several starts to get to the gym, forgetting my iPod, my ID, my heart rate monitor, I made it to the gym only to realize I had on these shoes.)

Friday I took Princess Drama Queen to her ice skating lesson, on the way out of the parking lot which is shared with a grocery store, I watched as a cart, propelled by the wind was crossing in the cross walk in front of me. It apparently hit a rock or something and it turned 90 degrees and then hit me right on the license plate. The group of young men in the car behind me and I shared a moment as I exited my car to remove the cart I looked at them and we all made the touchdown gesture.

Speaking of touchdowns, I was hoping for a good game, because I really didn’t care who won. I thought it nice if the Cards pulled off their first one ever, and setting a comeback record (and some other record too). In the end I got what I wanted, a good game.

The weather was also pretty messed up. The girls were off school for 2 days. I’m surprised my lovely wife is still speaking. Although we had some ice , it was kinda pretty.

Weekend in review

Posted on December 8th, 2008 in drama, house, PDQ, Random thoughts, weather by g-man || 16 Comments

My daughter Princess Drama Queen made the cover of Rolling Stone! Or that is what it feels like to her, because she will tell you all about it, and she got five copies for her mother. What did happen was that she was selected for the cover of the new “Learn to Skate” brochure, which as we all know is one step away from Rolling Stone. :)

Friday night we went to our friends house for a pot luck dinner and general fellowship. Always an event because when this woman decorates for the holiday there is no detail too small to be overlooked. She has 6 Christmas trees, one of which is pink (see photos below). I also got a shot of the moon Jupiter and Venus albeit not the best night for that which was Monday.

Saturday I took my final exam in BHES-343 (parenting), woo hoo!! It’s over! I am so burnt out and this comes as such a relief that I am positively giddy. It was a pen and paper exam, and I am pretty sure that I have suffered nerve damage from writing so much. With my dyslexia (or mad cow -Denny Crane) , I did leave my professor a note on the first page apologizing in advance for the poor penmanship and spelling. I also apparently didn’t realize or Outlook screwed me again by moving an appointment back an hour, but I needed to be there at 2 for the 2-5 session. I got there at 3 not realizing that there were “sessions” so I only had 2 hours to complete my exam. (which I did).

My lovely wife bought me this shirt that looks like a Star Trek uniform, she didn’t see it, but it jumped right out at me. She was kind enough to bring it back. Thank you honey.
[svgallery name=”WIR120808″]

We also got our tree up Sunday night. Now I just need to get the lights on on the outside of the house.

I hope that you had a good weekend!

Good thing

Posted on February 13th, 2008 in family, health, housekeeping, kids, Life in general, Random thoughts, weather by g-man || 5 Comments

I was staying home with the sick Booba today. It was raining yesterday and last night causing this:DSC_4864.JPG

And this morning I we woke up to this:

It was originally a two hour delay, but they closed by 8:00. So I got both girlies today. We had a really nice day (Mostly). I got my coffee, got to play some video games and help decorate a valentines box, run the sweeper, go to skating. All in all a really nice day. I had grand hopes of catching up on my blog reading. (You all are so awesome and I feel like I am missing out when I get behind) but Metroid Prime was calling me.

In the end Booba is feeling better, and we are all ready to go to school tomorrow for the big V day.

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