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Already a long week.

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I have been working since Last Thursday. I had to cover the weekend shifts since half our operations team was in Florida doing their fantasy football draft. Sunday was especially tough since I promised to take pictures at Iron Girl for my lovely wife and my “other wife” and anyone sporting a Mid Maryland Tri Club jersey. I got up at 6 and was at Iron Girl till 11, then off to work.

Congratulations to Heather, Wendy, Becky, Evelyn, Danica, Sharron, the other neighborhood women, and the rest of the field for completing your physical and mental challenge. Well done all!
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Today marks work day #7, and the last for this week. We are off to Great wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. to celebrate Booba’s 6th birthday. My in-laws will be arriving later this afternoon so they can join us in the festivities. (which reminds me I need to fix the toilet in the basement again!)

I have spent a lot of time on Facebook lately, and have reconnected with a bunch of people from the past and a bunch more bloggy friends. Facebook is what I call “the place where my worlds collide”, since, while my blog is not hidden not everyone knows it exists, but FB commingles everyone I know from all my social circles. (I’m waiting for that to bite me in the ass one day … )

I also now know why my psychiatrist and psychologist don’t deal with the insurance companies. They want to keep us crazy! I have spent the past two days on the phone with four different offices trying to get my claims paid. (No wonder I have no money in my account)

I am still loving my iPhone, but am having difficulty getting my money back from AT&T for the unit that was stolen before it got to my house. I will be calling again today since the last person I talked to (a supervisor) kicked it up to a “management escalation” and promised a response in two days. Welcome to day 2, wish me luck.

I hope to have enough down time over the weekend to check e-mail and post pictures and such. When we return it will be back to school for the wee tots, woo hoo!

We’re back.

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But this is Vacation Part II: Where the girls are at grandma’s house for a week! And BONUS My lovely wife is leaving on Thursday to hang with her girlfriends in Ohio, then picking the girls up, which gives me three days ALL TO MYSELF! (That will be Vacation Part III ;)

We had a blast at the beach. It was very relaxing and we had loads of fun. I will miss that place, and the ability to sleep in every day, but hey, work has its benefits too. We (Lovely Wife, my BIL and SIL and I) went out a couple times and hit up the local bars. One time we had dinner out first and had to sneak the car back (so the kids wouldn’t catch us) before heading out to the bar. We got busted.

Enjoy some pictures from the trip. It is good to be home, but I am looking forward to next year!
Having a pool and hot tub was the best thing ever!!!
Heh heh, it says Dick’s.
Sunset from the dunes.
The happy (and sweaty) couple.
My favorite shot from the whole trip, I will be using this one for the GreeblePix contest on the 20th.

Late beach WWC

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Vacation Day 4: No one is dead, going out tonight with my lovely wife, SIL, & BIL for dinner and drinks. Had drinks last night at a cantina, we were the “old” people.


The words for this week are:

6 and look up

If you haven’t joined the fun, go see Tink here for details.

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Greetings from the beach.

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Vacation, Day 1: Holy shit! I got to sleep till 12:30!! Then I realized that the clock on the VCR is wrong and it was really some time after eight in the morning. I’ll take it though. We drove down to NC (Kill Devil Hills) yesterday after the swim meet. It was not as horrible as I’d have originally thought, but it was a long drive.

I’m really glad the my BIL had the foresight to have beer in the fridge so when we got there it was ready. The house is nice and has a pool in the back plus a hot tub. I plan to make this a totally relaxing trip. I hope that you had a good weekend and come Monday don’t hate me for lounging while you are hard at work.

Rain rain …

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Why the hell did you follow me to work?

The pink is my route (after I get coffee). I didn’t get the image thing worked out soon enough to be able to show my entire ride to work, and how the colors traveled as I did, but sufficed to say my car was in the “yellow/red” for my entire commute! Which also made people who are already uptight and stupid even more so. Sheesh! I have had enough rain.

SonyHeadphones.jpgYesterday, at the gym, someone moved my headphones from off the counter where I put then during the weight portion of my workout. When I was done lifting and ready to do the cardio I had no earphones from which to jam heavy metal into my head to keep me motivated. I looked about, asked the attendant, pawed the towel basket (not too deeply though, yuck), went to the lost and found, and finally retrieved my backup set from my car. The backup set makes me look like Princess Leia. (If I think of it I’ll take a picture). I was a little perturbed and dismayed at any of the scenarios by which my headphones were relocated. Fortunately they are $10. Sony headphones, so I got a replacement pair from Target. I was intrigued by some $25 ones, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! And I am going to my other office (closer to home) for the afternoon, which of course precipitates lunch with my lovely wife (if she is not too busy) and or Esmerelda (if she is feeling better) and two of my favorite colleagues from work. Should be a hoot.

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