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Rain rain …

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Why the hell did you follow me to work?

The pink is my route (after I get coffee). I didn’t get the image thing worked out soon enough to be able to show my entire ride to work, and how the colors traveled as I did, but sufficed to say my car was in the “yellow/red” for my entire commute! Which also made people who are already uptight and stupid even more so. Sheesh! I have had enough rain.

SonyHeadphones.jpgYesterday, at the gym, someone moved my headphones from off the counter where I put then during the weight portion of my workout. When I was done lifting and ready to do the cardio I had no earphones from which to jam heavy metal into my head to keep me motivated. I looked about, asked the attendant, pawed the towel basket (not too deeply though, yuck), went to the lost and found, and finally retrieved my backup set from my car. The backup set makes me look like Princess Leia. (If I think of it I’ll take a picture). I was a little perturbed and dismayed at any of the scenarios by which my headphones were relocated. Fortunately they are $10. Sony headphones, so I got a replacement pair from Target. I was intrigued by some $25 ones, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! And I am going to my other office (closer to home) for the afternoon, which of course precipitates lunch with my lovely wife (if she is not too busy) and or Esmerelda (if she is feeling better) and two of my favorite colleagues from work. Should be a hoot.


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First I have to say congratulations to Esmerelda for completing the Columbia Triathlon this past Sunday, you totally rock toots!!!


The words for this week are:

K and Metal

If you haven’t joined the fun, go see Tink here for details.

Recommended:For larger size presentation click here.

Bonus photo “Crash”



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ZGI_8995.JPGSo Saturday was supposed to be the surprise party for my lovely wife. I had three of the best people planning the party details, while I was in charge of getting the booze. We had the party at a friends house, and had a margarita/Mexican theme.
Heather expected that Esmerelda and I were up to something but she didn’t know what. Well that was true up to Friday evening. While we were at pot-luck dinner when one of the other kids from church told Heather that she was all excited about having a baby sitter so her parents could go to Heather’s birthday party. The poor kid was so upset at blowing the surprise. It took some soft words and hugs to convince her that she had done nothing wrong, and we moved on.

While the party surprise was shot, I still had some up my sleeve. I had invited Builder Mama and family, who came early and surprised Heather in the back yard. I had arranged that Monkey Man and my girls would all hang out and torture one sitter! The final surprise was H’s best friend growing up arriving. There were friends from church, and the neighborhood, and H’s crafty friends.
The food was great, and the cake awesome, the house and decorations fun and cheerful (including a piƱata filled with chocolate and booze). It was a huge success all thanks to the the women (and men) who contributed their time and talents to making the celebration of my wife’s 40th totally awesome.

Sunday we had breakfast with the the out-of-towners before they headed back to their respective states of origin. It was a little uncomfortable since our waitress was a woman who was recently laid off from the company my wife works for.

Then church, and afterwards a birthday party for the girls to attend. I wanted to take a nap during that party but I wound up retrieving the remainder of the booze, and getting the oil changed in the van, and getting a haircut.

All-in-all a fine weekend.

Happy Easter

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I’m glad mine didn’t start with a hangover. It’s all Esmerelda’s fault! She called Saturday night looking for someone to come out and have a drink with. She spoke with my lovely wife who was not really into going out so she declined. My response was “Hey, what am I chopped liver?”

My love wife and Es made me change out of my sweatpants before going. I complied.

By the time I get there She was working on her second Jack and coke. I ordered a margarita on the rocks and a shot of Patron. Yum. And boy do they go down smooth. (I will refrain from making the same “going down” characterization as the vodka post)

Es and I had a great chat. It is not very often that I get her all to myself and we can chat frankly and openly about anything on our minds. We had a lot of good laughs, and she told me stuff that I could have gone life through without knowing. (I’m sure I returned that favor) We toasted our sexuality, and talked about the ups and downs in our relationships. We listened to the band (who the lead singer reminded me of AJ) and she threatened me with making me get up and dance.

She switched to drinking what I was, because really, it was just better. Well after a couple hours at the bar we left. She said that we had to go because the large breasted woman at the end of the bar was making me lose my train of thought repeatedly, well that, and she was drunk. Fortunately the bar is less than a mile from her house.

I saw her in, and as I was leaving her mom called out of her bedroom window asking me if I needed something. I sad no, I had just dropped Es off.

I went home and went to sleep. (After waking my lovely wife up and asking her a question, she was not happy) I slept on and off and was up for an hour or so between 3-4. My tummy was on fire from the nachos, and my head was starting to hurt. I took some Tums and drank some water and woke up feeling fine.

So Sunday, I am at church, and Es’ mom comes up to me and smacks me for getting her daughter all liquored up, and that she had to go back and “fix” the Easter baskets for the boys. I laughed.

Apparently all I needed was …

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To get laid. Ha, ok so it was a wee bit more than that, but getting laid worked wonders (Thanks baby). I am feeling better, but I am still planning on returning to my counselor since while my head is above water, I’m still swimming. Thank you for notes of kindness, there were appreciated. I originally really just didn’t feel like talking about it (which is why I closed the comments), but I felt better after responding to your e-mails and such. So thank you again.

SO. What have you all been up to the past couple of weeks? (I have been reading your stuff on and off).

Since I last wrote I got my D70 back from the shop. That is a bittersweet deal. I really wanted it to cost so much that I’d be forced into buying a D90, but by the same token I wanted it fixed for sentimental reasons. It was not horribly expensive ($200 to have the sensor replaced and something else with the card reader, plus a full cleaning) and way cheeper than a D90. I took some nice shots with it:
[svgallery name=”D70″]

This past weekend my lovely wife and I went to Las Vegas with Builder Mama and her hubby. While we were there we hooked up with two other friends. First we had dinner with Joansy, who my wife and B.M. met many years ago on a “mommy” board. We had dinner at this french place whose name escapes me, but it was across the street from the Bellagio and we watched the fountain show 7 times.

Then Saturday Heather and I went to meet Terri from Steel Magnolia and her husband. We had lunch at Dick’s Last Resort, which apparently has lousy service on purpose. It was kinda fun, but poor Terri was the object of our waiters attention. He made her pass out the silverware to all the tables, and made her wear a rude hat. (that is a hand made dunce cap with a rude saying on it) She was a great sport and we all laughed.

I took pictures.

When we got back I got a notice that I won the caption contest over at Moo’s. Go me. :) Thanks Moo, Dash is a cutie pie, even in that picture!

There is more but I wouldn’t want to make a too long post. Besides it is back to work … Begin daily grind.

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