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Weekend in review

Posted on June 24th, 2009 in charity, coolness, drama, family, Life in general, Random thoughts, sanity, weather, wife by g-man || 5 Comments

I said I had a busy weekend, but it actually started on Thursday when I went to my friend’s hockey game to take pictures. The game started at 9:45pm. It was an interesting experience to be one of only 2 or 3 spectators and watching a co-ed adult hockey league game. The banter was free flowing and jovial, and the whole experience light and fun. The bummer part was that all the glass around the rink, save for the doors at center ice, were fogged up. I managed to get some good shots, and I will treasure this one:
This will be my friend as she is sliding into the goal. I have a whole series that when scrolling back and forth it looks like video of her falling and getting up, it is really quite fun. :)

Friday was the swim team pep rally. My lovely wife was in full blown sinus infection pain and in no mood to go. I took the wee tots to the gym then to the rally. They complained that they didn’t have their suits and I told them that since tomorrow (Sat.) was the swim meet that no one would be swimming. To which they replied “You had better be right or you’re in big trouble mister.”

I am in big trouble. The dinner that they served was build your own sandwiches, of which the 6YO Booba ate a single slice of tomato, while 8YO Princess Drama Queen made a respectable sandwich and had chips. The rally was fun, but I am pretty sure this chick was the GF of one of the coaches. She was seen several times wiping the whipped cream off him then throating her finger! (I’ll leave you with that image Jay)
Saturday again started at 6:45. We got to the pool for the swim meet, and it was raining. Fortunately for my lovely wife she was still not feeling well so she stayed home. I had to stay the whole time and work the concession stand from 10-11. It poured on and off all morning. On the plus side, by the time me and my cohort Tammy had to work the stand it was mostly sold out! After the meet I bought the girls lunch and we went home for a while. I had a 2:00 appointment with the car dealer.
We got a “too good to pass up” offer from my local dealer and since I really wanted an Accord when I bought my Civic I was instructed that if I could get an Accord for the same payment as the Civic, then go for it. Heather was still not feeling well and I went alone to the dealer. The short of it is I managed to get an Accord for $40. a month more. Woo Hoo! I also didn’t make it home until 8:30 pm, which made my sick wife very grumpy. Sorry again hon.
Sunday morning started at 6:00 am so my son and I could go and shoot the “Tri-To_win” triathlon. We arrived later than we wanted, had to park a half mile away and missed the start of the race. Oh and it was raining. And the wind was blowing. It eventually cleared up over the course of the day, and we were done at noon.
After we got home we went out for a Father’s Day lunch at a local Mexican place we like. It was very nice, and I am thankful that even though Heather was still not feeling well she came with us and made it very special. Thanks again Hon:)

Today I am tired.

What do you call it when,

Posted on April 30th, 2009 in exercise, funny, Mental health, Random thoughts, sanity by g-man || 4 Comments

your psychiatrist is nuttier than you? Yesterday I went for my med consult with Dr. Rick. My regular therapist sent a letter describing my “pathology” so this initial interview should have only taken a half hour to an hour. Well, he didnt have the letter and so it took an hour an a half. I had to apologize to the next guy who had to wait another half hour. To summarize the “feel” of the office the exchange with the next guy went like this:

{leaving Dr’s office} Me to Next guy- “Sorry you had to wait, I guess I am just extra messed up in the head.”

Dr. Rick to Next guy- “But nearly as F’ed up as you!”

Next guy to Dr. Rick- “But that still makes you even more F’ed up then the two of us!”

It is very loose and kinda granola crunchy, but he is really good, and damned funny, and really easy to talk to. That might be because we both act like 12 year olds and dont mind interjecting jokes into the seriousness.

Dr Rick- “Okay, what you need to do is raise issues before they become problems ….”

Me- “Ok. But you better prescribe something because if I go back and tell my wife what I paid you to tell me the same shit she has been telling me for years for free, she will kick my ass!”

Soo I am now taking Cymbalta. Which I may save the side effects conversation for HMS Friday.

So the office staff there is also nutty, when I was setting up my followup appointment she asked me if I wanted an early or late appt. I said I can see how he is always late, I want to be first so I can actually see him. She laughed.

Since my appointment went late I was later to work than I had planned on, so I ended up missing the “fun run”.

Blackouts are bad.

Posted on April 6th, 2009 in Bloggers Block, Life in general, party, Random thoughts, sanity, sleep (or the lack thereof), weirdness, WTF by g-man || 13 Comments

grey_goose.gifOr at the very least self destructive. Saturday was spent standing out in the cold wind watching Princess Drama Queen play soccer. I dressed for the weather, she just wanted to wear shorts and her soccer jersey, so you can imagine how it was trying to get out of the house. She played so-so, mainly because I think she is done with soccer (again). Like last year she was all excited to start soccer, but during the very first practice she says “I hate soccer.”

So after soccer I fetched my sons from their mom’s house for a fun filled evening of wii and dinner out at Outback. Wii was played much as dinner time approached. That was when I discovered that the the cymbals fot the GH4 drum set had the wires ripped out of the sockets! WTF!?!!? Needless to say I am a bit pissed. I can probably fix it, but I’d really like to know how it happened (So I can beat the offending party prevent it from happening again)

We went over to Outback, and at 5:00 there was a 45 minute wait, so we went over to another steak/rib place. The beers were really good and went down smoother than my high school girlfriend after not seeing each other for a few days. I had three, Heather drove home.

That was when the real trouble started, I built a fire in the back yard and started making 24 oz Grey Goose and cranberry juice, which also went down easy. I recall making two of them, but the next morning I noticed that the bottle was empty, where it had been 2/3 full. Which explains why my sons were laughing at me the next morning, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I have vague recollections of some of what they were telling me, but absolutely no recall of others. So either they are giving me shit, or my brain was saturated.

Sunday morning I was happy to recall that I would not have to teach Sunday School, because really, that would have been horrible. I felt like shit all day, and even sneaked in a short nap, but that really didn’t help. I’m pretty sure that contributed to why I was awake last night between 2 and 5. Which brings me to today, Monday, so far it is not going well at all. Maybe I need more booze? :)


Posted on March 10th, 2009 in psudo-rant, sanity by g-man || Comments Off on Suffering

From a profound lack of enthusiasm. The news sucks, people everywhere hate, and I feel ambivalent about most things, its maddening. Some days are better than others, some days I just give up. Today there was an amazing sunrise, but I was unwilling to even try to capture it for knowing that I would screw it up and be disappointed with the result.

I am reticent from self expression because I don’t believe what I have to say is relevant to anyone, not even myself. I’m sure this will pass soon, but for now I’m not in a good place.

I’ll be back soon.

Real emails.

Posted on March 4th, 2009 in funny, government cheese, Random thoughts, sanity, weirdness by g-man || 17 Comments

We got two today from the building supervisor, I’m guessing he will be getting grief for these for a while. My comments are in italics.

The first one I will entitle “I shit you not”

From: “Edward J. Xxxxxx”
To: “Building32_all”
Subject: Toilet Seat safety

Many have experienced instability of a toilet seats. A moving seat is not a
very satisfying or pleasant experience and may be hazardous to your health.
Not to mention cold and wet!!

To correct this issue. FMD will be taking corrective action in the next few
days throughout building 32. Bathroom stalls my be locked until the
appropriate corrective action is taken and the problem resolved to insure
your safety.
Because really, how long does it take to tighten the freekin’ bolts?


Next came this gem…

From: “Edward J. Xxxxxx”
To: “Building32_all”
Subject: Carpet Shampoo Cancelled
FMD has been requested to cancel the carpet shampoo of the 2nd floor of B32.
Please reject all shampoo request notices placed by the cleaning people.

A request has been made to provide spot cleaning of the 2nd floor first. The
tenants support will be needed in identifying and marking these spots for
the cleaners. With what MARKERS? Are the spots themselves not a good indicator?
More when the date is set.


Later people, Happy Hump Day.

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