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Weekend in review

Posted on June 24th, 2009 in charity, coolness, drama, family, Life in general, Random thoughts, sanity, weather, wife by g-man || 5 Comments

I said I had a busy weekend, but it actually started on Thursday when I went to my friend’s hockey game to take pictures. The game started at 9:45pm. It was an interesting experience to be one of only 2 or 3 spectators and watching a co-ed adult hockey league game. The banter was free flowing and jovial, and the whole experience light and fun. The bummer part was that all the glass around the rink, save for the doors at center ice, were fogged up. I managed to get some good shots, and I will treasure this one:
This will be my friend as she is sliding into the goal. I have a whole series that when scrolling back and forth it looks like video of her falling and getting up, it is really quite fun. :)

Friday was the swim team pep rally. My lovely wife was in full blown sinus infection pain and in no mood to go. I took the wee tots to the gym then to the rally. They complained that they didn’t have their suits and I told them that since tomorrow (Sat.) was the swim meet that no one would be swimming. To which they replied “You had better be right or you’re in big trouble mister.”

I am in big trouble. The dinner that they served was build your own sandwiches, of which the 6YO Booba ate a single slice of tomato, while 8YO Princess Drama Queen made a respectable sandwich and had chips. The rally was fun, but I am pretty sure this chick was the GF of one of the coaches. She was seen several times wiping the whipped cream off him then throating her finger! (I’ll leave you with that image Jay)
Saturday again started at 6:45. We got to the pool for the swim meet, and it was raining. Fortunately for my lovely wife she was still not feeling well so she stayed home. I had to stay the whole time and work the concession stand from 10-11. It poured on and off all morning. On the plus side, by the time me and my cohort Tammy had to work the stand it was mostly sold out! After the meet I bought the girls lunch and we went home for a while. I had a 2:00 appointment with the car dealer.
We got a “too good to pass up” offer from my local dealer and since I really wanted an Accord when I bought my Civic I was instructed that if I could get an Accord for the same payment as the Civic, then go for it. Heather was still not feeling well and I went alone to the dealer. The short of it is I managed to get an Accord for $40. a month more. Woo Hoo! I also didn’t make it home until 8:30 pm, which made my sick wife very grumpy. Sorry again hon.
Sunday morning started at 6:00 am so my son and I could go and shoot the “Tri-To_win” triathlon. We arrived later than we wanted, had to park a half mile away and missed the start of the race. Oh and it was raining. And the wind was blowing. It eventually cleared up over the course of the day, and we were done at noon.
After we got home we went out for a Father’s Day lunch at a local Mexican place we like. It was very nice, and I am thankful that even though Heather was still not feeling well she came with us and made it very special. Thanks again Hon:)

Today I am tired.

HMS Friday: Side effects

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Welcome back to Hot Monkey Sex Friday. So talking with my psychiatrist about medications was entertaining. As I said in yesterday’s post, he is freekin nuts, but in a good way. He said that he thinks Cymbalta is the right medication for me, but it may have sexual side effects. My regular therapist told me that so I was not surprised when he said that the medication might cause E.D., which he explained as having difficulty in achieving an erection,or taking longer to reach full erection. (So far no problem!)

He also said it may prolong an erection and delay orgasm (Okay, still I sont see where any of this is bad!) I’m sure my lovely wife might appreciate this.

Lastly he said it could increase orgasm duration, to elaborate he said and I quote “Say your normal orgasm lasts for 10 to 15 seconds, well with this you could start and read the F’n Bible by the time you finish.” Holy shit, who needs viagra, gimme some of this and quiet weekend with the Mrs. and I’ll be set for a while. No wonder it is an anti depressant, “Holy shit I can cum for an hour, I AM SUPERMAN!”

I cant wait till next week when I start the 60mg dose!

So do you consider positive or negative side effects?

So I managed to get some pictures from the Rebuilding Together project. (and again this year, there is not one of me. at. all. I am beginning to believe that I may have offended the chick with the camera at some point?

The second picture is my younger son in his element! He was king of the garbage and spent all day in there making sure we could toss all that we needed to.
[svgallery name=”RT2009″]


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Let me finish the post I started yesterday.

First I’d like to say congratulations to my lovely wife and her sister for completing the half marathon under extreme conditions in Nashville this Saturday! Woo hoo, baby you totally ROCK! I guess the whole thing (from my point of view) can be summed up quite nicely in her words, the text message she sent me afterwards was “Finished. Brutal.” I knew you would finish!

I forgot to bring my camera to the site on Saturday, but I do have this “before” picture I took so I could plan my attack.

What a mess right? Well it took 6 guys about an hour to completely remove this structure, and maybe another hour or so to finish the detail work (re-running the wires for the AC fan raking the leaves). The house captain was surprised at our accomplishment. I replied “What did you expect when you give 6 dudes chainsaws and sledge hammers and tell them to tear something down.”

Most of us helped other projects, some of left with other things to do that day. All-in-all a good day.


The words for this week are:

“R” and Angry

If you haven’t joined the fun, go see Tink here for details.

Recommended:For larger size presentation click here.


Happy Hot Monkey Sex Friday

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May all your hot monkey sex dreams come true.

ZGI_1029.JPGMy HMS dreams will have to wait until next week.

Today my lovely wife leaves for Nashville and the Country Music Half Marathon. She will be running Saturday (which happens to be my birthday) with her sister and reconnecting with an old friend from school. I forget if they were friends in high school or college, but they found each other on facebook.

Her mom is also going and the three of them will be having some good ole girl time, complete with spa treatments. Lucky bitches girls. (Heather told me that if I ran 13 miles I could have one too.)

Sunday they will be coming home. Yea. I will fire up the Garmin and practice my agressive driving so I can fetch her from Reagan National Airport in DC. It has been a really long time since I had to go to that airport, and I am told that it is not so bad these days, we’ll see.

RTlogo.jpgI will be spending my Saturday with 60 other people working a “Rebuilding Together” project (It used to be called Christmas in April). I am in charge of removing the deck from the house and then blocking off the patio door. Other projects for the house include yard work, fence mending, repairing the car port, and fixing the shed. This is something I have done for several years and it is really nice to have a tangible result to donating my time tools and talents. My company is also a sponsor and usually provides food and other support, this year not so much. With the economy they stopped “discretionary” spending, and they called food for that discretionary, so no grub for us.

Every year it happens to fall on the weekend for my and H’s birthdays (since they are 4 days apart). We usually try to do something special that weekend, but this year that is a total wash with her being out of town (come to think of it, she was out of town last year too). Next weekend I am taking her out to dinner to celebrate. I already have a sitter and everything!

Need more pictures.

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I only have 2 more pictures this week and I would really like to break last years donation. Please send me pictures of your boobs, it is for charity! As I said before, I will be paying a buck a boob to go to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization (NBCAM). Last week we were off to a good start. Lets keep the love going! Pictures don’t have to be fancy, but if they are not yours then you will need permission to send them. (Thanks again Sassy, your mom and aunt rock!)

I will post this weeks donations on Friday.

Thank you again to all who have participated so far. This is a disease who has touched all of us in some to one degree or another, and the NBCAM organization is out there everyday helping women understand prevention and promoting research.

Please help.

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