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Pray for me…

Posted on November 15th, 2009 in family, health, kids, Life in general, wife by g-man || 8 Comments

My wife is sick. The past two times my wife signed up for refreshments for after church she wound up sick and I had to take over. Setup take down and service. Yea.

Drinking excessively

Posted on June 1st, 2009 in health, Life in general, party, Random thoughts by g-man || 24 Comments

It seems as though I forgot the warning about my medication of no excessive drinking. It came back to bite me in the ass on Saturday. Friday night we went to a happy hour at a neighbors, my lovely wife made sangria, it was really good. I had about 10 glasses. I might have been drunk. I woke up the next morning in need of some Motrin!. Once that started working we went to breakfast at our local coffee place, and the afore mentioned lovely wife went on an overnight shopping trip to VA with Builder Mama.

It hit me at the 12:30 soccer game where Princess Drama Queen was actually participating and doing well and not complaining that she wants to go home and never play soccer again. After half time I realized that I was feeling queazy. By the time the game was over I wanted to lean over the fence and barf, it was an interesting drive home.

I felt better after laying down for a while, and decided to take some Pepcid. That was a big mistake, as soon as it hit my gut, everything came back. I did feel better afterwards though, so I decided to do some lawn work. Big mistake #2. I immediately felt awful again. I relaxed for a while and felt better, well enough to finish the lawn, or so I thought. Half way through mowing my neighbor wanted to introduce me to his friend. As we were chatting on the street I was feeling nauseous. Fortunately it was getting late and I was losing daylight, so I excused myself, started the mower went behind the bush on the side yard and yacked what little was left in my stomach. I finished the yard though dammit.

Sunday I continued to feel like crap all the way through church. Joy. I had some Shrek Chicken Noodle soup, cause yanno, that’s what we had. for lunch and I felt somewhat better. I spent the rest of the evening resting and trying to keep hydrated.

I hope your weekend was better.

Nothing to report

Posted on January 12th, 2009 in Daily, exercise, health, Life in general, Random thoughts, wii by g-man || 5 Comments

The past week and weekend were pretty much the same old thing.

On the plus side I have lost a couple pounds and my “Wii Fit Age” has varied from 56 to currently 36 with stopovers at 42. Depending on how well I can stand still the age has ping ponged through that range a couple of times.

Today we are going to the gym, I could use a good hard rockin’ ear splitting set the thing to level 11, frustration reduction ass kickin’.

Netflix rules. Heather and I watched 5 episodes of Heros from the soft and fluffy comfort of our bed over the course of the weekend. I’m glad to be watching it this way and not filled up with commercials for acne cream and Axe body spray. We have made it through 13 of season one’s 23 episodes.

Since we are watching Heros together, I have also started watching the new Dr. Who. I have gone through all of season one and am half way through season 2. (I even got the bonus disc for season 1 to see all the special features and stuff). I even used one of those “behind the scenes, how we did that” clips to help shoe Princess Drama Queen how they make scary stuff on TV look real. She has been having some difficulty lately going to sleep, when she gets over tired her imagination runs away with her. Often she is afraid of stuff she has seen on TV, and I have explained to her many times how computers can make things seem real that aren’t (like I do with pictures sometimes).

My son has left his cell at my house for over a week now and hasn’t asked me to bring it to him. Unusual.

Tomorrow is the Weekly Words challenge, I have made a preliminary sort, and narrowed it to 50 or so pictures. I’d hope to get it closer to 15 when I am done.

Until then …

Radio Silence

Posted on January 5th, 2009 in Bloggers Block, exercise, family, food, health, housekeeping, Random thoughts, sisters, weight, wii by g-man || 12 Comments

This radio silence was brought to you compliments of the holidays and my overwhelming laziness. I do hope that your solstice and new year celebrations were most excellent, and I wish for us all that 2009 bring peace and prosperity.

My vacation had ups (sleeping in most every day) and downs (watching my lovely wife slip and fall in a puddle of vomit at 2am), but mostly it was positive. The wii was a big hit this year, I bought Wii Fit for my wife (and the rest of us too) it is really fun AND you get some real exercise from it, although having it call you obese every day is a bit much. My “wii fit age” (something it calculates as your approximate health age) has bounced about from 58, to 32, to 42, so I’m not really sure what to make from that. Also for the wii I got Guitar Hero World Tour (With the drums and Microphone) from my MIL, I will need to practice! Each of the girls got wii games too, so in the cold of winter we will have lots to do.

Now that the holidays are over and we are back to work, we are on a lifestyle reduction plan. We are trying to reduce our debt, our clutter, and our weight. Last night Heather went through our closet and removed all the crap from the floor, and buddy there was a LOT of crap. We sorted through all of it and all the tee shirts and have a huge pile for the Good Will, and bonus we have space in the closet AND you can still see the floor. I may build some shelves to complete the project, we’ll see.

On the debt and weight reduction side, we are not going to be eating out as much, and we will be continuing our regular visits to the gym. More to the point *I* will be continuing my regular visits to the gym, Heather already exercises regularly. She asked me to do the “Couch to 5K” so that I can start running. I hate running, but I love my wife more, so I will be starting that some time. I will also go back to watching more of what I eat. Part of my eating problem stems from my mood, when I am down I don’t care what I eat and will eat to feel better. I was also chatting with my little sis not too long ago and we concluded that we three sibs have the same pathology when it comes to food (and shopping for clothes apparently). When we eat, we tend to order a lot because we don’t want to miss out on anything. I’m not sure why that is, but growing up we were poor and didn’t eat out save for a rare occasion. As for shopping we all seem to find something we like then buy it in different colors. It was not until this chat that we discovered that we three exhibit these same behaviors. Spooky huh?!?

I had lots of moments over the past week where I thought “Ooo this could be funny to blog about.” but by laziness got the better of me.

Here is to a fantastic 2009!


Posted on December 17th, 2008 in exercise, health, Random thoughts by g-man || 12 Comments

I went to the gym yesterday and my usual routine is to do the 33 minutes on the elliptical machine (the “weight-loss” mode at level 11) followed by various strength machines. (Ooo as an aside: our gym is getting a new system that ties into all the Nautilus machines to calibrate your workout. When you sit down at a machine you enter your code and do the reps it will apparently analyze if you are doing them correctly and how many and how much weight, all of which can be tracked via a web site. Cool huh)

NautilusNitroPlusAB.jpgSo anyway, I get into the gym and the only open elliptical machine (with articulated arms) is next to the very well toned and attractive young woman who is just going to town on her machine! As I am climbing on I am thinking what a nice model she would be, she was well proportioned and curvy in the right places. The pose that came to mind for her was a camera up angle of her stretching skyward with soft lighting.

So I don my iPod and start cranking away myself. The music in my “workout” playlist is all the high energy hard rock that I own, and I try to keep the rhythm as I pedal. It was harder than usual since I can see workout girl in my periphery, and some of my beats were slower than her pace and I kept finding myself trying to keep pace with her, feeding off her apparently abundant energy.

I kept up pretty well (sometimes faster because of the music) throughout the whole 28 minute workout and slowed considerably for the 5 minute cool down. Usually I check the “calorie” counter as a reference to see how much I put out. Normal is between 390 and 430, last night was 499, woo hoo. I guess there is something to be said for not wanting to look like a shlub next to the hot young chick. :)

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