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Goin’ the right way

Posted on January 15th, 2009 in exercise, Random thoughts, weight, wii, work by g-man || 4 Comments

As my wii fit is happy to announce every day I am obese, however it deemed my wii fit age at 24, so I got that going for me. (switch those numbers around and you will get my true age this year). It is also happy to report that I am on a steady track to reach my goal of losing 20 pounds on the next 6 months. So yea me.

I had read Biscuit’s latest post where she talks about yoga poses. I am not big on yoga, but have found some of the posses to have merit, and doing them on the balance board where it shows you your center of gravity to be a good feedback for how to do them properly. Having said that there are just some that I am completely incapable of doing. I have never been flexible even as a kindergartner I can recall not being able to touch the floor with my hands during gym class. Any pose that starts “put your foot in your hand” is pretty much a no-go in my book.

At work I am working on a couple projects that are keeping me just busy enough that the day goes pretty quickly, but not so busy that I feel overwhelmed. On the bonus side these projects give me the opportunity to do some of the work at our headquarters building which is 1. closer to home, and 2. affords me the potential to have lunch with my favorite women.

So as John Stewart says, and now for your moment of Zen:

Nothing to report

Posted on January 12th, 2009 in Daily, exercise, health, Life in general, Random thoughts, wii by g-man || 5 Comments

The past week and weekend were pretty much the same old thing.

On the plus side I have lost a couple pounds and my “Wii Fit Age” has varied from 56 to currently 36 with stopovers at 42. Depending on how well I can stand still the age has ping ponged through that range a couple of times.

Today we are going to the gym, I could use a good hard rockin’ ear splitting set the thing to level 11, frustration reduction ass kickin’.

Netflix rules. Heather and I watched 5 episodes of Heros from the soft and fluffy comfort of our bed over the course of the weekend. I’m glad to be watching it this way and not filled up with commercials for acne cream and Axe body spray. We have made it through 13 of season one’s 23 episodes.

Since we are watching Heros together, I have also started watching the new Dr. Who. I have gone through all of season one and am half way through season 2. (I even got the bonus disc for season 1 to see all the special features and stuff). I even used one of those “behind the scenes, how we did that” clips to help shoe Princess Drama Queen how they make scary stuff on TV look real. She has been having some difficulty lately going to sleep, when she gets over tired her imagination runs away with her. Often she is afraid of stuff she has seen on TV, and I have explained to her many times how computers can make things seem real that aren’t (like I do with pictures sometimes).

My son has left his cell at my house for over a week now and hasn’t asked me to bring it to him. Unusual.

Tomorrow is the Weekly Words challenge, I have made a preliminary sort, and narrowed it to 50 or so pictures. I’d hope to get it closer to 15 when I am done.

Until then …

Radio Silence

Posted on January 5th, 2009 in Bloggers Block, exercise, family, food, health, housekeeping, Random thoughts, sisters, weight, wii by g-man || 12 Comments

This radio silence was brought to you compliments of the holidays and my overwhelming laziness. I do hope that your solstice and new year celebrations were most excellent, and I wish for us all that 2009 bring peace and prosperity.

My vacation had ups (sleeping in most every day) and downs (watching my lovely wife slip and fall in a puddle of vomit at 2am), but mostly it was positive. The wii was a big hit this year, I bought Wii Fit for my wife (and the rest of us too) it is really fun AND you get some real exercise from it, although having it call you obese every day is a bit much. My “wii fit age” (something it calculates as your approximate health age) has bounced about from 58, to 32, to 42, so I’m not really sure what to make from that. Also for the wii I got Guitar Hero World Tour (With the drums and Microphone) from my MIL, I will need to practice! Each of the girls got wii games too, so in the cold of winter we will have lots to do.

Now that the holidays are over and we are back to work, we are on a lifestyle reduction plan. We are trying to reduce our debt, our clutter, and our weight. Last night Heather went through our closet and removed all the crap from the floor, and buddy there was a LOT of crap. We sorted through all of it and all the tee shirts and have a huge pile for the Good Will, and bonus we have space in the closet AND you can still see the floor. I may build some shelves to complete the project, we’ll see.

On the debt and weight reduction side, we are not going to be eating out as much, and we will be continuing our regular visits to the gym. More to the point *I* will be continuing my regular visits to the gym, Heather already exercises regularly. She asked me to do the “Couch to 5K” so that I can start running. I hate running, but I love my wife more, so I will be starting that some time. I will also go back to watching more of what I eat. Part of my eating problem stems from my mood, when I am down I don’t care what I eat and will eat to feel better. I was also chatting with my little sis not too long ago and we concluded that we three sibs have the same pathology when it comes to food (and shopping for clothes apparently). When we eat, we tend to order a lot because we don’t want to miss out on anything. I’m not sure why that is, but growing up we were poor and didn’t eat out save for a rare occasion. As for shopping we all seem to find something we like then buy it in different colors. It was not until this chat that we discovered that we three exhibit these same behaviors. Spooky huh?!?

I had lots of moments over the past week where I thought “Ooo this could be funny to blog about.” but by laziness got the better of me.

Here is to a fantastic 2009!

Weekend Wrap-up

Posted on April 7th, 2008 in coolness, family, kids, Random thoughts, wii by g-man || 9 Comments

The first Friday of the month someone from our church hosts s pot-luck at their home. This Friday it was at the home of my lovely wife’s acupuncturist and dear friends. The food was great as usual (a fine bunch of cooks all) and the company relaxed.

Don always has a special treat for the kids and this is what they got to do!


(Here give the girl with the broken leg and the walker the trigger, she is the one who cant move out of the way! :)

The kids had a blast. (literally) Also since my eldest son was there we had birthday cake and made smores out on the deck.


NOTE: I have pictures but they are on the full memory card at home, I’ll update this post later. I did.

Saturday I had to mow the lawn! After yard work we had Booba’s soccer game followed after lunch by PDQ’s soccer game. Booba had some fun, but I think she was more interested in playing with her friend than playing the game. It was fun to watch though.


PDQ’s game was a bit more action packed. Both teams were black and white, it was a little confusing even with the penes on. They scored more goals than we did (I swear they had a girl with a laser guided boot missile, she was phenomenal.) but it was still a good game. PDQ came close to scoring one :)


Sunday had church followed by mostly nothing. I hung out with the kids, H took a nap, it was a nice relatively quiet Sunday. Over the weekend I did get in some good GH3. I bought a second Les Paul controller (Guitar) for my lovely wife because she said that she wanted to play bass, and aside from practice they only way to do that is on “co-op” mode using a second “git-fiddle”. In co-op mode there are also some new songs to be played! Bonus.

Now it is Monday. joy. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Mental health day.

Posted on February 7th, 2008 in coolness, photography, Random thoughts, wii by g-man || 12 Comments

Yesterday I took a mental health day (OK really I had to get my oil changed and I had a dentist appointment, but the rest of the day was just for ME). I started by going to Walmart and picking up Guitar Hero III for the Wii (one for me one for Esmerelda). Holy cow that game IS like crack MackeyDoodle!!! We should play online one day! (Please note the wii number in the upper left hand corner of this page :) Today I have a lump on my wrist from pressing the fret buttons!

Heather and I were playing a little last night. Definitely a fun game to play, and certainly not play drunk! Lots of cool tunage, and on east it not too bad. I tried a hard one and there is just no freekin’ way!

Today I tried to give away some friut but no one would take it ???
I guess they all want to be unhealthy.

Today my face hurts from keeping my mouth open for an extended period while my dentist cursed and drilled!

Saturday it is the gun show with Phil and my sons, Sunday is the Car show with the same group! I hope to shoot a bunch of pictures!!