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My wife is sick. The past two times my wife signed up for refreshments for after church she wound up sick and I had to take over. Setup take down and service. Yea.

Already a long week.

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I have been working since Last Thursday. I had to cover the weekend shifts since half our operations team was in Florida doing their fantasy football draft. Sunday was especially tough since I promised to take pictures at Iron Girl for my lovely wife and my “other wife” and anyone sporting a Mid Maryland Tri Club jersey. I got up at 6 and was at Iron Girl till 11, then off to work.

Congratulations to Heather, Wendy, Becky, Evelyn, Danica, Sharron, the other neighborhood women, and the rest of the field for completing your physical and mental challenge. Well done all!
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Today marks work day #7, and the last for this week. We are off to Great wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. to celebrate Booba’s 6th birthday. My in-laws will be arriving later this afternoon so they can join us in the festivities. (which reminds me I need to fix the toilet in the basement again!)

I have spent a lot of time on Facebook lately, and have reconnected with a bunch of people from the past and a bunch more bloggy friends. Facebook is what I call “the place where my worlds collide”, since, while my blog is not hidden not everyone knows it exists, but FB commingles everyone I know from all my social circles. (I’m waiting for that to bite me in the ass one day … )

I also now know why my psychiatrist and psychologist don’t deal with the insurance companies. They want to keep us crazy! I have spent the past two days on the phone with four different offices trying to get my claims paid. (No wonder I have no money in my account)

I am still loving my iPhone, but am having difficulty getting my money back from AT&T for the unit that was stolen before it got to my house. I will be calling again today since the last person I talked to (a supervisor) kicked it up to a “management escalation” and promised a response in two days. Welcome to day 2, wish me luck.

I hope to have enough down time over the weekend to check e-mail and post pictures and such. When we return it will be back to school for the wee tots, woo hoo!

Daddy has “nimples”

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First I’d like to say thanks for all the kind words of condolence. It has been a very long and very short week. Back to work today. It sucked. I overslept.

While we were away, the bunny pooped everywhere, and ate through the freekin new speaker wire I just put in. (to replace the old speaker wire he ate through). I installed it so that he couldn’t get it, but our bunny sitter moved a planter (probably to catch the little bugger) and exposed the wire.

While we were away, 5YO Booba learned to ride a two wheeler. Yea!

When we got home, we noticed that 8YO Princess Drama Queen’s earring was a bit “off”. Apparently it was just hanging on by a thin bit. She said it doesn’t hurt, and that she hasn’t been tugging on it, or anything like that. My lovely wife suggested that the size of the back was enough to weigh the bugger down, who knows.

Sunday I tried to fix the basement toilet. I bought a new fill valve and installed it. Except it wont work properly in the toilet, since it is a “low rise” tank. I did manage to find out later that I could have fixed the old valve with some $6.00 in parts. Well that was before I accidentally dropped the old nasty valve assembly on my foot (breaking the skin and bruising the top of my foot) and also breaking the top off the old valve. Cost for the new one ($60.00).

I got my iPhone. It is the best thing EVER. I am still a bit pissed since AT&T has not refunded me my money yet, so technically I own two. One I have, and one some criminal has.

One of our friends from swim team and soccer was in Duck, NC and brought back Duck Donuts! I love that woman!

Last night I was lying in bed trying to keep cool, and Booba asked if everyone had these (pointing to my nipples). I said yes every one has nipples. She giggled and said that Daddy has nim-ples. I laughed.

Wanna see ??

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Would you like to see my new iPhone?

I would too.

When it arrived via UPS on Monday, this is what I got.

Apparently the “i” in iPhone stands for “invisible”.

I have been on the phone with UPS and AT&T for the past two days. I’d hope to have some resolution by tomorrow. (And by “resolution” I mean having a freekin’ iPhone in my hands.)

Last night was the swim team awards ceremony/pool party. Both girls won something aside from a trophy, Woo Hoo! It was a a loooong evening.

Afterwards I had a photo shoot with the ever lovely Esmerelda. She liked 5 out of the 80 images, I liked more, but I am way less critical of her appearance. I’d love to shoot her again, but maybe after a shot of tequila so che can relax a bit more, and make it more “fun” than “work”.

Needless to say I have taken a pass on the WWC this week. I had some ideas, but never got around to shooting anything. I’ll be back next week.

Relaxing weekend

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More or less.

My lovely wife and I took a nap on Saturday. It was glorious, almost as good as if we “took a nap”. It was well deserved after getting up early to take the girly girls to their swim meet. Our little 5yo Booba had been practicing but was too uptight to swim in a meet, until yesterday. I have some good pictures, but I brought the wrong camera to work today to be able to post them (bad daddy).

8yo Princess Drama Queen won her heat in the backstroke!! And won several other ribbons for placing. She was also on the relay team.

H and I hung out and chatted up all the other adults we knew there, and as a bonus I had my hair spiked up in a faux-hawk to simulate the Marlins fin. The kids thought it was pretty cool. (no pictures of that though).

Sunday was nice, went to church, came home with one extra kid for a play date, power washed the side of the house that gets little in the way of sun (and therefore has green stuff growing). Since I had the power washer out I washed and waxed my car with “help” from Booba, which was followed by the promised bike around the neighborhood.

Since my opportunities to go to the gym were nil because of scheduling or sabotaged by naps, I went Sunday before dinner. Holy cow is the gym a quiet place on a Sunday evening when it is nice out, I really enjoyed being able to go from machine to machine without having to wait.

How was your weekend?

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