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Let me finish the post I started yesterday.

First I’d like to say congratulations to my lovely wife and her sister for completing the half marathon under extreme conditions in Nashville this Saturday! Woo hoo, baby you totally ROCK! I guess the whole thing (from my point of view) can be summed up quite nicely in her words, the text message she sent me afterwards was “Finished. Brutal.” I knew you would finish!

I forgot to bring my camera to the site on Saturday, but I do have this “before” picture I took so I could plan my attack.

What a mess right? Well it took 6 guys about an hour to completely remove this structure, and maybe another hour or so to finish the detail work (re-running the wires for the AC fan raking the leaves). The house captain was surprised at our accomplishment. I replied “What did you expect when you give 6 dudes chainsaws and sledge hammers and tell them to tear something down.”

Most of us helped other projects, some of left with other things to do that day. All-in-all a good day.


The words for this week are:

“R” and Angry

If you haven’t joined the fun, go see Tink here for details.

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Happy Hot Monkey Sex Friday

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May all your hot monkey sex dreams come true.

ZGI_1029.JPGMy HMS dreams will have to wait until next week.

Today my lovely wife leaves for Nashville and the Country Music Half Marathon. She will be running Saturday (which happens to be my birthday) with her sister and reconnecting with an old friend from school. I forget if they were friends in high school or college, but they found each other on facebook.

Her mom is also going and the three of them will be having some good ole girl time, complete with spa treatments. Lucky bitches girls. (Heather told me that if I ran 13 miles I could have one too.)

Sunday they will be coming home. Yea. I will fire up the Garmin and practice my agressive driving so I can fetch her from Reagan National Airport in DC. It has been a really long time since I had to go to that airport, and I am told that it is not so bad these days, we’ll see.

RTlogo.jpgI will be spending my Saturday with 60 other people working a “Rebuilding Together” project (It used to be called Christmas in April). I am in charge of removing the deck from the house and then blocking off the patio door. Other projects for the house include yard work, fence mending, repairing the car port, and fixing the shed. This is something I have done for several years and it is really nice to have a tangible result to donating my time tools and talents. My company is also a sponsor and usually provides food and other support, this year not so much. With the economy they stopped “discretionary” spending, and they called food for that discretionary, so no grub for us.

Every year it happens to fall on the weekend for my and H’s birthdays (since they are 4 days apart). We usually try to do something special that weekend, but this year that is a total wash with her being out of town (come to think of it, she was out of town last year too). Next weekend I am taking her out to dinner to celebrate. I already have a sitter and everything!

Apparently all I needed was …

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To get laid. Ha, ok so it was a wee bit more than that, but getting laid worked wonders (Thanks baby). I am feeling better, but I am still planning on returning to my counselor since while my head is above water, I’m still swimming. Thank you for notes of kindness, there were appreciated. I originally really just didn’t feel like talking about it (which is why I closed the comments), but I felt better after responding to your e-mails and such. So thank you again.

SO. What have you all been up to the past couple of weeks? (I have been reading your stuff on and off).

Since I last wrote I got my D70 back from the shop. That is a bittersweet deal. I really wanted it to cost so much that I’d be forced into buying a D90, but by the same token I wanted it fixed for sentimental reasons. It was not horribly expensive ($200 to have the sensor replaced and something else with the card reader, plus a full cleaning) and way cheeper than a D90. I took some nice shots with it:
[svgallery name=”D70″]

This past weekend my lovely wife and I went to Las Vegas with Builder Mama and her hubby. While we were there we hooked up with two other friends. First we had dinner with Joansy, who my wife and B.M. met many years ago on a “mommy” board. We had dinner at this french place whose name escapes me, but it was across the street from the Bellagio and we watched the fountain show 7 times.

Then Saturday Heather and I went to meet Terri from Steel Magnolia and her husband. We had lunch at Dick’s Last Resort, which apparently has lousy service on purpose. It was kinda fun, but poor Terri was the object of our waiters attention. He made her pass out the silverware to all the tables, and made her wear a rude hat. (that is a hand made dunce cap with a rude saying on it) She was a great sport and we all laughed.

I took pictures.

When we got back I got a notice that I won the caption contest over at Moo’s. Go me. :) Thanks Moo, Dash is a cutie pie, even in that picture!

There is more but I wouldn’t want to make a too long post. Besides it is back to work … Begin daily grind.


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We have our hotel and air reservations for a trip to Vegas at the end of March. We arrive late on the 25th and leave the afternoon of the 28th and are staying at the Bellagio. My lovely wife got us a good deal on both the air fare and hotel. We are going down with Builder Mama and her hubby. (all the kids are staying home!)

While we are there we have the potential to hook up with a couple other blogger friends (Jaonsy and Terri) and maybe catch a show or two. The planning is being done by the women, so I guess I’ll find out more as the date gets closer.

I am looking forward to all the photo ops that will present themselves, I’m sure I could just walk around day and night and fill up several memory cards. I am also looking forward to hanging out and partying with friends. I’m sure it will be a hoot. Everyone else in our group has been to (or lives in) Vegas, except me. This will be my first trip. In fact, the 3 other people in my group at work have been there too, it seems like I am the last in line again…

I may even try my hand at some gambling. If the casino’s on the cruise ships are any indication, I will suck and lose my allotment right off the bat. My mom won 10 G’s one year, then blew it, I’m sure I wont have that kind of luck. (I’d pay off debt if I did win though :)

I’ll keep you posted.

9 Years

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Then and Now.
wedding.jpg ZGI_9651.JPG

Thank you my dear Heather for showing me what true love is, and how a marriage should be. Thank you for putting up with me during tough times, and for accepting me for who I am all the time. Thank you for being my rock and my friend.

I still look at you with passion in my heart, wanting to be close to you, to hold you and not let go. I see you as vibrant as the day we met, and just as beautiful. Your spell of love captured me so long ago and has a firm grip on me today. I love you Heather my dear with all my heart. Happy anniversary.


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