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Daddy has “nimples”

Posted on August 10th, 2009 in drama, family, funny, kids, Life in general, psudo-rant, Random thoughts by g-man || 12 Comments

First I’d like to say thanks for all the kind words of condolence. It has been a very long and very short week. Back to work today. It sucked. I overslept.

While we were away, the bunny pooped everywhere, and ate through the freekin new speaker wire I just put in. (to replace the old speaker wire he ate through). I installed it so that he couldn’t get it, but our bunny sitter moved a planter (probably to catch the little bugger) and exposed the wire.

While we were away, 5YO Booba learned to ride a two wheeler. Yea!

When we got home, we noticed that 8YO Princess Drama Queen’s earring was a bit “off”. Apparently it was just hanging on by a thin bit. She said it doesn’t hurt, and that she hasn’t been tugging on it, or anything like that. My lovely wife suggested that the size of the back was enough to weigh the bugger down, who knows.

Sunday I tried to fix the basement toilet. I bought a new fill valve and installed it. Except it wont work properly in the toilet, since it is a “low rise” tank. I did manage to find out later that I could have fixed the old valve with some $6.00 in parts. Well that was before I accidentally dropped the old nasty valve assembly on my foot (breaking the skin and bruising the top of my foot) and also breaking the top off the old valve. Cost for the new one ($60.00).

I got my iPhone. It is the best thing EVER. I am still a bit pissed since AT&T has not refunded me my money yet, so technically I own two. One I have, and one some criminal has.

One of our friends from swim team and soccer was in Duck, NC and brought back Duck Donuts! I love that woman!

Last night I was lying in bed trying to keep cool, and Booba asked if everyone had these (pointing to my nipples). I said yes every one has nipples. She giggled and said that Daddy has nim-ples. I laughed.

12 responses to “Daddy has “nimples””

  1. m@ckey says:

    OUUUCCCHHHHHHHH on the ear!

    g-man reply on August 12th, 2009 8:09 am:

    She said it doesn’t hurt, and she hadn’t complained about it. (Believe me if it hurt she WOULD have complained about it!! :)

  2. Gramps says:

    One positive note: I am really enjoying your iPhone.

    g-man reply on August 12th, 2009 8:09 am:

    Ha!! Thanks. :)

  3. Esmerelda says:

    HA HA HA. I’m so glad you’re back!

    g-man reply on August 12th, 2009 8:09 am:

    Me too.

  4. kcinnova says:

    G-man, I am in pain here. First you show me the ear (which I cannot look at with a clutched up and churning stomach) and THEN you kill your foot. It makes my healed foot hurt all over again. Not even nim-ples can ease that kind of pain. Would it help if I got angry with you over the iPhone fiasco?
    I slept in until noon today, despite being asleep by 10:30pm last night. It might be the Benedryl I took last night to combat my overactive histamine reaction to mosquito bites. Luckily, my work agenda today is to shop at Costco. Please don’t hate me.

    g-man reply on August 12th, 2009 8:11 am:

    Thanks hon, I’d appreciate you being angry with me. :)

    Mmm Benedryl coma, now that’s good sleep.

    I could never hate you.

  5. Karen says:

    That earring thing happened to a friend of my mom’s when I was kid. I think I should have had therapy for seeing that. Now I will have PTSD.

    I guess she got some stitches to fix it???

  6. g-man says:

    Hi Karen, sorry about the PTSD, I do know a couple of good shrinks :)

    When we mention fixing it she gets all upset, but I was reading up on how they would fix it, and after they “freshen up the edges” they use stitches to close it back up. As for now she is happy to have it the way it is.

  7. kshippychic says:

    LOL @ the “nimples”!! :) Kids are so cute. Mine are just vulgar and call them “tits”… go figure..
    Hope little one’s ear and yer foot feel better soon!

  8. Builder Mama says:

    Duck Donuts!!!! Yum. I totally blame H for telling me about them so I gained approximately 296 pounds on vacation.

    That ear picture is freaking me out. For reals.

    I miss you! I hope we can see you guys when you’re down our way, assuming I’m not on one of my umpteengazillionth trips to Builder Daddy’s. Sigh.