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Already a long week.

Posted on August 26th, 2009 in family, kids, Life in general, Mental health, travel, wife by g-man || 8 Comments

I have been working since Last Thursday. I had to cover the weekend shifts since half our operations team was in Florida doing their fantasy football draft. Sunday was especially tough since I promised to take pictures at Iron Girl for my lovely wife and my “other wife” and anyone sporting a Mid Maryland Tri Club jersey. I got up at 6 and was at Iron Girl till 11, then off to work.

Congratulations to Heather, Wendy, Becky, Evelyn, Danica, Sharron, the other neighborhood women, and the rest of the field for completing your physical and mental challenge. Well done all!
[svgallery name=”ig2009″]
Today marks work day #7, and the last for this week. We are off to Great wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. to celebrate Booba’s 6th birthday. My in-laws will be arriving later this afternoon so they can join us in the festivities. (which reminds me I need to fix the toilet in the basement again!)

I have spent a lot of time on Facebook lately, and have reconnected with a bunch of people from the past and a bunch more bloggy friends. Facebook is what I call “the place where my worlds collide”, since, while my blog is not hidden not everyone knows it exists, but FB commingles everyone I know from all my social circles. (I’m waiting for that to bite me in the ass one day … )

I also now know why my psychiatrist and psychologist don’t deal with the insurance companies. They want to keep us crazy! I have spent the past two days on the phone with four different offices trying to get my claims paid. (No wonder I have no money in my account)

I am still loving my iPhone, but am having difficulty getting my money back from AT&T for the unit that was stolen before it got to my house. I will be calling again today since the last person I talked to (a supervisor) kicked it up to a “management escalation” and promised a response in two days. Welcome to day 2, wish me luck.

I hope to have enough down time over the weekend to check e-mail and post pictures and such. When we return it will be back to school for the wee tots, woo hoo!

8 responses to “Already a long week.”

  1. Gramps says:

    You gotta love insurance companies.

  2. gary says:

    My man, book a vacation HERE next summer, OK? :)

  3. kcinnova says:

    Have a great time in Williamsburg! I could use another vacation…

    I’m a little worried about mixing my worlds up on FB, too, but I think I’ve given up caring too much… My mom wondered which friend I was meeting for lunch when I was there on vacation. I didn’t lie, but it was weird saying I had met the friend online…

  4. m@ckey says:

    Enjoy some time off my friend. btw….your wives are hot!

  5. Boy, you ARE busy!!! My oh, My!

    I’m FINALLY getting around to going through my blog roll and catching up with my peeps and pals ;-)

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Lynda says:

    I know what you mean about the worlds colliding – I try and refrain from even mentioning I have a blog on FB. Nice photos – as always!

  7. Aunt Jackie says:

    George Costanza, “Worlds are colliding!!!” (Seinfeld)

    Yes I have had a hard time keeping up lately… But your photos always give me a quick little break and a smile.

  8. Gadfly says:

    And the girls have their own photographer :o)

    I love Wendy’s leg muscles in that one pic O_O

    If you weren’t performing properly, she could use those thighs to crush your skull like a grape LOL