Man Overboard!

A place to hang my shit.

The Answers

Answer is the 10th one of course, I told you that before! Besides it was 9 truths and a lie, so that is what you got. (in that order) :)

1. I feel compelled to watch the garage door close all the way before moving on.
Don’t know, just do.

2. I have held a Top Secret security clearance.
Yup, for 3 years during my service with Uncle Sam

3. When I was 6 years old, I was allowed to ride my bike several miles away from home, alone, and with no more than a “I’m going to the village.” to my mother.
Fucked up ain’t it ?!?!?

4. As a lad of 15 I was kissed passionately by a 22 year old woman.
We had kissed lots of times, hello or good-bye, but one time, If I didn’t have to go home for dinner I could have got some!

5. I caught a venereal disease from my ex wife.
Chlamydia. I’ll never forget THAT conversation. I tested negative, she positive. In retrospect I should have left her right then.

6. I have served as the chairman of the Board of Trustees for my church for over 4 years.
Two separate terms, but I have serves on the board as a member an additional four years

7. I like sex. (Sorry, just brainstorming, I’ll probably come back and change this one)
So I didn’t change it, blow me I’m tired after having to re-write this a second time (thanks again host people)

8. At one time I(we) were in debt to the tune of $1M.
When we bought a house for a short time we had three mortgages, well two mortgages and a bridge loan.

9. When I was 7 and my sister Thorp was 9 we were molested by a man from up the street.
Mr. Rodden, he would tickle us and slide his hands down our pants while we were laughing. After he did it to me I told his wife, who was washing dishes at the time, she never turned around, but I believe she wept. (maybe thats why I cant stand to watch a child be tickled after hearing them say stop once.) There was another man up the street who it was reported molested his daughters. These were two houses I passed every time when riding my bike away from my house, alone.

10. I love my wife, because she is lovely and vibrant, smart sexy, funny and a total MILF!!!