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Calling all boobs

From my Hot Monkey Sex Friday post it seems that I am not the only one who has taken up the “Show me your boobs for Breast Cancer” banner. Luna has taken it one more step and said that will donate $0.25 for every photo. Dan from 0ddness has also taken up the cause.

Her information can be found here. Warning she does write an adult site, so keep that in mind while surfing.

I don’t want to sound like a boob broker for Luna, so in addition to her offer I will offer my own donation of a “buck a boob” (Price set by Mackeydoodle) to be given at the conclusion of my daughters soccer “buck a goal” drive over and above the # of goals. (that way I only have to write one check) Yeah I am lazy that way.

Final Update:

Thanks again to the participents. With the “Buck a goal” from PDQ’s soccer, Mackydoodle’d Moob campaign and this one we raised $50.00. I would hope to do a little better each year. :) You guys rock!